Ballpark Prices

Note the following charts are ballpark estimates.  Prices can change from book to book depending on the specifications.  These price charts include BALLPARK estimates for books with very common specifications.

The price charts include estimates for books printed 4-up (4 images printed per side/per sheet) and 2-up (2 images printed per side/per sheet). 4-up includes books with a final trim size of 6 X 9 and smaller. 2-up includes books with a final trim size of 6-1/8 X 9-1/4 to 9 X 12. 

The rest of the specifications are as follows:

  • 50# text paper
  • text prints black only
  • 12pt C-1-S coverstock
  • cover prints full color
  • laminated

Perfect Bound

Spiral Bound

Saddle Stitch


Calculating a ballpark price for a hard cover book is fairly difficult due to the many variables involved in the manufacturing process.  If you wish to understand hard cover pricing you can fill out an Estimate Request and we will get back to you with a quote ASAP!