How-To Articles

FTP Instructions

1. Go to our website, and click on the tab in the “Customer Utilities” Section on our home page that says “Send a File.”
2. Fill in the information on the questionnaire as best you can
3. Browse your hard drive for the file or files you want to send. Remember to send fonts and images if you are sending an application file and embed the fonts and images if you are sending a pdf
4. You can send up to 4 separate files with one submission.
5. Please do not mix the text and cover files on one Browser button, but attach them as two separate items
6. Click “send”

That’s it!

No need for a user I.D. or password. You will receive notification from our server that the file has been received.

***IMPORTANT*** If you do not get notification of receipt from our website, either contact us directly or re-send. The notification is your assurance that we have the file.

We will contact you if there are any problems.