Paperback Books

This style of book is also known as a softcover book because the cover is made of thick paper rather than stiff binders boards. The entire book is held together by glue. The process is commonly known as perfect bound. We print covers in full color and also add a film lamination to protect the cover and provide either a matte or gloss finish. The book size varies from 4x6" to 9x12" with all sizes in between.


Hardcover Books

Our case bound books can be produced with accessories. The book in the picture can have a jacket applied. This is common for books looking for an eye-catching marketing tool. Alternatively, your book could have a printed case cover. Regardless the style, this book can be printed on whatever paper you like and in any size that you want.


Coil Binding

The pages for this style book are punched and plastic coil is inserted in order to hold all of the pages together. The coils come in a variety of color. When the book is open, it lays flat. Some examples of a spiral book are cook books, music books, manuals, etc.


Saddle Stitch

This binding style is suitable for a relatively small book where there are no more than 52 pages. The book is held together with the use of staples in the spine of the book. The cover is generally printed in color with a film lamination. Generally used for pamphlets, manuals, small catalogs, etc. The books are available from 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 up to 8 1/2 x 11 portrait.